MAY 7, 1985-FEBRUARY 25,1995


Nicholas was a bright and cheerful boy with blonde hair and big blue eyes! He loved to play video games and G.I. Joes. He was in a terrible head-on collision on November 11, 1992. This cost him the ability to eat and absorb food as all but 8 inches of his lower instines were removed. Nicholas passed away at home on February 25, 1995 waiting for an experimental bowel transplant. In the 2 years that Nicholas was ill, we tried everything we could to make his life as normal as possible. We even took him camping with all his IV poles! (You should have seen the looks we got)! He even attended regular school with his pole and a nurse in tow. People always say: children are so cruel, but in this case, the children were great and treated Nicholas with respect. They didn't shy away from him, they treated him like a normal kid, which is what Nicholas wanted to be. The parents of his classmates were great as well. In fact, most of his classmates and his teacher attended his funeral. Nicholas loved to pick on his sister Sheresa, he could take off after her, dragging that IV pole like you wouldn't believe! He and his brother Jr. were very close, even though they were 5 years apart in age. He played all the games that Jr. liked and didn't even complain about them being baby games! Nicholas loved to play tricks on people, even his home nurses. We were all a crazy bunch! Water fights included!

This is our first attempt at a web page, so please come back again as we will be adding more pictures of Nicholas and the family.

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